hey there!

art credit (c) to mihodraws on tumblr!

welcome to my blog! this is my very first new blog post and i apologize if it’s messy or all over the place. i’m still trying to get used to this (T_T)

i thought i should start my very first blog post by talking a little bit more about me and my future plans + thoughts for my new blog since i’m very excited and eagar to get started ╰(*´︶`*)╯♥

so hello! hi, this is me, jan. my name is actually janetsa (pronounced ja-netsa) and i am a twenty year old (newbie) blogger who wants to share her love for books and all things literary and lifestyle ❤

a little bit more information about me is that i love to write!! writing has always been a passion of mine ever since i was kid. i loved writing short stories, creating fake worlds in my head, picturing myself as the main character (bc the mcs were always wh*te) in my favorite books and it’s always been a dream of mine to publish my very own. i’ve been reading and falling in love with books ever since i was 8-years-old and it all started in the fourth grade when the class decided to read percy jackson & the olympians.

to say that i literally grew up with percy jackson is crazy since i’m currently reading the very last (*sniff sniff*) book in the trials of apollo series and it’s making me kind of emotional since percy jackson and the greek gods have been comfort characters all throughout my childhood and teenage years. my little sister will never know the physical pain i went through waiting year after year for the next book and the actual anguish i went through after finishing the house of hades.

another fact is that i really love movies, tv shows, kdramas & kpop !

my favorite group ever is nct (T_T)

my ultimate biases are ten & taeyong ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ♡ 

i saw them for the very first time last year with my bestie ais (u might know her as peachnace) and we were supposed to see them again this year but miss rona ruined everything (T_T)

my next favorite group is red velvet (´▽`ʃƪ) ♥

my ultimate biases are joy and seulgi. they’re the first girl group i have ever stanned aside from twice and they have impacted my little gay heart ever since my friend ais introduced them to me.

a few of my favorite movies include detective pikachu, men in black, romeo & juliet, deadpool, spiderman: homecoming, love rosie and a bunch of other films i can’t think of rn lol. some of my favorite shows are euphoria, avatar: the last airbender, the 100, the umbrella academy, and teen wolf. some kdramas i really like are w, goblin, my first first love, it’s okay not to be okay, & extraordinary you.

what are some of your favorite shows?

i have a whole other list for my all time favorite books but i think i’ll put that in a separate blog post because the list can go on and on and i think i can gush over my favorite books and my favorite tropes in another blog post.

so. why did i start this blog?

well, i joined the book community a little over a month ago and i’ve always been on the edge of booktwt, booktube just looking at all the things they talk about and discuss- i sort of grew up watching booktube videos because i didn’t have many friends that read books. i had one (1) friend that i made online but that was pretty much it. books helped me not feel as lonely as i did and i was pretty much gushing and ranting to my friends (WHO DID NOT READ AT ALL) about books that they will never read and i just felt like i was talking to air. i always enjoyed watching and reading other people’s posts and discussions about books and their favorite angsty characters and characters that they want to punch in the face and i felt left out and i thought that it was finally time- to join the book community.

my friend and i have always kept to ourselves about the books we liked and now we both entered this awesome and loving community with other fellow booklovers and i finally feel at home.

it’s always been a dream of mine to publish my own books one day, i (currently) have two wips -one of them is a ya fantasy and the other is dark academia thriller/mystery- and i want to go through this writing adventure with other writers and booklovers to really see myself grow while writing them.

i’m excited to finally start blogging more, thank god i finally moved onto wordpress after being confined to blogger for most of the entire year but i hoped you enjoyed your stay here and i hope to see you back one again!

this has been jan (back once again!)

stay safe ❤



  1. Arys says:

    Great introoduction, just followed you💖
    Btw, if you are interested in having a good lifestyle and my stories, check out my web https://arystelling.wordpress.com/ and follow me if you like .
    Thank you so much and hope you stay safe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. you’re so cute ahhh!! i can’t wait to see the posts you write here, and your wips all sound so exciting 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. januisance says:

      aw thank u so much this means a lot since i’ve seen u everywhere on twitter and i find your blog to be so amazing and inspiring :,) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. JAN IM 🥺🥺 i’m just really happy to be meeting other thai people!!! <333


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